There are so many places to get essential oils these days! the grocery store, amazon, that hippie neighbor down the street, freaking Kohl’s has essential oils for sale. You guys, don’t do it. Friends don’t let friends buy sub-grade essential oils.

Other companies are trying to make money (Young Living’s business motto has always been “People Over Profit”)! these other companies do so by using synthetic, lab-created oils, or distilling the same plant over and over again, or adding cheaper oils to the the bottle to make it smell better (sometimes oils don’t smell good, because they come from real plants!) or make them cheaper to manufacture. If your oils smell like candy, that’s bad. The peppermint I bought at Whole Foods smells like dead candy canes that you forgot about in your attic for 5 years! Don’t do it! Companies can do all of those things and still say that they are using “100% pure essential oil” because there are no rules to say that they can’t do those things.

Here’s the deal, Young Living has been making essential oils for almost 30 years and selling them for 25 years! They own their own farms and partner with fair trade organic farms all over the world (on every continent except Antartica)! They control the ENTIRE process from the seeds chosen to go into the ground, to the hand weeded plants, to the time of day that the plant is harvested, how long it dries before it is distilled, the distillation process, all the way to bottling and labeling. They call this the “seed to seal” guarantee! So yes, sometimes Young Living is more expensive. But it’s because you get the BEST possible essential oil and oil infused products available in the world! To learn more about this process visit: www.seedtoseal.com

Another HUGE thing about Young Living is that they are dedicated to bettering the world with whatever profit they do make. The Young Living Foundation (http://younglivingfoundation.org) is the nonprofit side of this company. The company pays all of the administrative cost of the foundation so that EVERY PENNY donated goes straight to one of their MANY causes. From rebuilding houses in Nepal after the earthquake, to helping women recover from sex trafficking, to running a school in Ecuador with a 100% graduation rate! There are so many other causes that they participate in and it makes my heart so full to be a part of such an amazing company that loves people well!

I hope that shows you what sets this company a head above any others.

Also, if you live near one of their farms, GO VISIT! They are open to the public so that you can see first hand how dedicated they are to providing you with the BEST!