30 Days to an Inspired Heart

+ 30 prompts for Art Journaling

+ Private Facebook Group support

+ 45 minute inspirational coaching call

Take the next 30 days to relax using visual art.

Creative self care is my main form of destressing and preventing an anxiety attack. When I start to feel the slightest bit anxious or stressed, you know heart racing, can’t sit still, breathing changes, mind racing; I grab my journal and a pen or marker and go find a quiet place to draw. I find creating something abstract, with no plan and letting go of the outcome is so mindful, exciting and very calming experience all at once.

Why does creating visual art help relieve stress?

Because it decreases cortisol in the body, a hormone that is produced when we are stressed.

Visually expressing your emotions is the best way to relieve stress.

If you feel you are not artistic or creative at all let me tell you your wrong everyone is creative and can be an artist. You don’t have to try at all in fact see what happens when you don’t try and you just play.

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